ATC空管通话录音 英语100句教材

P:Ground,DELTA482,at Hotel,holding short of ALPHA,for taxi to takeoff.


C:DELTA482,Kennedy ground,like i said it’s better than calling a taxi for practice.runway 4L shortened,follow JETBLUE,hold short of JULIET.

C:Delta2422 behind the MD88 from your right.runway 27R taxi via Mike and hold short of Dixie.


P:Okbehind the MD88 from the right 27R Mike short of Dixie,Delta 2422.

P:Hello ground Acey 5257 Joining Lima to 4.


C:5257,Atlanta ground,via Lima taxi to 4 give way to the88 out of Ramp 3.


P:Lima to 4 give to the 88 out of 3,Acey 5257,good morning.


C:Jetblue544,newark towner,winds 310 at 26 gust 35,runway 29 cleared to land.

P:29,cleared to land,jetblue 544.